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Core Features

Useful for insurance quotes

Stop guessing how much your belongings are worth when taking out insurance by quickly viewing your home inventory.

Proof of Purchase

Some insurance providers require you to provide receipts or photographs of any items you wish to claim for.

HomeKit Support

Import Rooms & HomeKit enabled devices for quick and easy setup.

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Be prepared for the unexpected

When something goes wrong, it can be a stressful time. To make matters worse you will need policy documents, proof of purchases plus photographs of any valuable items to claim on your insurance.

Store photographs and receipts of your belongings so that you are not caught out.

Belongings at a glance

When taking out content insurance, you are required to give an estimation of your contents total worth.

Most people will undervalue how much their belongings are worth and if you have to claim, you may only get a small portion back.

Now you can provide an accurate estimation of your belongings next time you take out insurance by keeping a home inventory of your belongings.

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