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What is Belongings App?

Belongings App is a simple home inventory tracker for your personal belongings.

Belongings App helps you prepare for the unexpected. When something goes wrong, it can be a stressful time and some insurance companies require proof of purchases, receipts and photography evidence. Often this requirement is hidden in the small print of insurance policies.

When taking out insurance for your belongings, you are required to give an estimation of your belongings total worth. Belongings App will give you an overview of how much your belongings are worth and which belongings are your most valuable so that you dont under-estimate.

Core Features

  • Proof of purchase Store photographs and receipts of your belongings.
  • Quick glance of your belongings total worth provide an accurate estimation of your belongings next time you take out an insurance policy.
  • HomeKit Support Import Rooms and HomeKit enabled devices for quick data entry including model numbers and serial numbers
  • Export to CSV that can be sent over to insurance companies highlighting every belonging and total value
  • Simple design Effortless entry of your belongings.
  • iCloud Syncing between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Your belongings are synced between devices with the same Apple ID.


Belongings App is a one-off purchase of £4.99/$5.99 and is a universal app for iPhone, iPad and macOS.


Belongings App is available in all territories that the App Store supports and can be downloaded here


All images, promo art, and the Belongings App logo are downloadable here.

About the Developer

Hello, I'm Adam! 👋

I'm a software engineer from the United Kingdom that has worked at companies such as the BBC, and currently Moonpig as a frontend engineer on the web.

In my spare time I like to tinker and build iOS apps that help make my life easier.

I built Belongings App because every year I spend hours looking at home insurance quotes and each time the same question gets asked; What is the total value of your belongings? Belongings App tries to answer this question by giving you a quick glance of how much your stuff is worth.

Also I became aware recently that if I want to claim on my insurance, I would need evidence that I owned that item, this terrfied me slightly as a lot of my receipts have been lost over the years so Belongings App is something I can rely on.


You can contact me on Twitter or by emailing me at

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